At Supreme Staffing Solutions we specialize in the placement of all levels of Legal and IT professionals. 

Supreme Staffing Solutions specializes in finding you the perfect employees for positions as attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and support staff. As the leading legal staffing firm in the greater-Boston area, we maintain one of the largest databases of qualified
candidates. We'd love to work with you!

Our track record of success as Boston's leading Legal Staffing Services firm is based upon our unique ability to successfully match the staffing needs of our clients with the skills of our candidates. We diligently strive to fulfill the specific personnel requirements of our clients while optimizing the potential opportunities for our candidates, paying special attention to their individual cares and concerns. With the continued rapid advancement in new law office technologies comes the need for qualified professionals with the specialized skills to maximize these developing tools. In addition to continuing to maintain our ability to staff any of the traditional legal positions, we now are placing a strong focus on locating candidates who possess the requisite training and knowledge to maximize the newer forms of information and communication technologies, such as electronic discovery, to which law firms are turning with increasing frequency.

We are experts at both locating hourly wage, entry level, staffers and recruiting high salaried, professional executives. Our recruitment techniques and commitment to quality have proven successful regardless of the level or title of the position we are seeking to fill. When we work with your organization, our first goal is to understand your mission, objectives and requirements, whether the need is for one or one hundred employees, so that we may meet our final goal, which is to successfully recruit the person who perfectly matches your employment needs.


Supreme Staffing Solutions provides a full range of recruitment solution services that can be customized to match your needs. Our comprehensive service capabilities include:


We work for you!
As experts in recruiting, we do much more than simply find you the best legal or IT candidates. We provide an array of consulting services, work with you to identify your specific requirements, and then implement a tailor-made and affordable solution. Our breadth of services is matched by our unique commitment to customer satisfaction. We partner with your organization and become a seamless extension of your HR staff. In the process, we help reduce your total cost of identifying and recruiting talent while improving the quality of your workforce.

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"As Recruitment Officer for a large legal firm with 15 US branch offices, I often need to track down ideal candidates under tight deadlines. Having worked with Supreme Staffing Solutions for more than five years, I can honestly say that they have yet to miss the match we are looking for, regardless of the situation required."

- Mark J., Law Firm Recruitment Officer, Cambridge, MA

"When I was laid off from my old legal firm, I had been there so long that I wasn't really sure which direction within the industry I wanted to go. Supreme Staffing Solutions worked with me one on one to first get my credentials in proper order, and then to fully prepare me for the many changes in my particular legal area of expertise. This gave me the crucial confidence I needed to expand my legal employment horizons.

- Bradley G., Legal IT Professional, New Bedford, CT

"Our law firm has a rich history in the legal community. Each time we require the assistance of legal professionals, be it on a per-project basis or as available new full-time members of our staff, Supreme Staffing Solutions knows us so well that it literally takes one phone call to set them into action."

- John M, Legal Firm Partner, Lowell, MA